Sydney's Best Fish & Chips?

Fish & Chips - A Classic

We sat down with owner Joe Ward to discuss this much loved favourite and what makes the Fish & Chips at Salmon & Bear so special.

1. What fish makes the best ‘fish’ for fish and chips and why?

We use MSC Certified (sustainable) Hoki from New Zealand. Growing up in the UK we used Cod and Haddock for fish and chips and Hoki has that same delicate white flakey flesh, which stays moist when cooking in batter.

2. Why are Salmon & Bear proud of their fish and chips.

Even as a modern spin of a fish & chip restaurant we knew we still had to nail this classic dish. Much trial and error went into perfecting our batter recipe, which is a modified recipe from my first ever kitchen job at The British Oak Pub in the UK where I earned my kitchen stripes by hand cutting 50kg chips per day. We make our batter fresh for every service to make sure the batter is light and crispy every time. The chefs know how much of a stickler I am when it comes to the batter being just right. I grew up eating fish & chips every Friday night back home so the nostalgia attached to this dish means its very close to my heart. Our fish & chips combine the best of the Australian (crispy chips) and British styles (Giant portions and crispy batter).  I am proud that I can honestly say our fish and chips are the best I've tried in the country.

3. Why else should people come to S&B?

S&B is a casual neighbourhood eatery. Our log cabin styled interior is a warm and welcoming family space. I want people to eat here every week. Our fish focused menu offers something for everyone.  I love the idea of our customers establishing their own weekly routine of fish & chip Friday.

4. Are fish and chips unhealthy or is it “how you make them” that counts?

Fish and Chips are deep fried but it’s a bit of a myth that they are really unhealthy. Oil temperature is key. As you fry fish in batter the initial impression is that the oil cooks the fish, however the oil actually cooks the batter which creates a seal around the fish. The fish then actually steams inside the batter shell. The fish itself is very nutritious. A portion provides vitamin C, vitamins B6 and B12, some iron, zinc and calcium, as well as iodine, omega-3 fatty acid, lots of protein and some important dietary fibre. If you swap the chips for one of our healthy salads like the Summer Slaw or Corn Salsa you would have yourself a delicious, nutritious meal. As part of a balanced diet fish & chips is fine.

5. Any other angles that make S&B Fish and Chips different from others?

After tasting over 20 different chips we settled on our super crunchy steak cut chip which whilst not traditional, we felt this chip was superior to the traditional 'soggy' british chip, perfect for dunking in our house made tartare sauce, made with McClures pickles.


Words: The Atticism
Photo: Foodshot