"Imagine a frozen lake in the middle of Alaska. On the lake is a fishing hut. The inside is decked out with wood and the occasional taxidermy animal head. It's warm and inviting and feels like... cozy. Now move this hut to Zetland and you have Salmon&Bear."

Two Girls One Fork



Meet joe, joel & mark

Having shared many a tale over a crafty ale - Joel Katz, Joe Ward & Mark Jensen together dreamt of something special. These men - wise veterans of hospitality - understood Australia’s unequivocal access to exquisite seafood. They dreamt of bringing this bounty to the people - sustainably, in style yet without the fuss or cost of fine dining.

With decades of hospitality experience and more than a few fish suppers behind them, they created a casual environment where good humans can gather and enjoy hearty seafood suppers every day of the week. That place is Salmon and Bear and we’d love to share our brand of hospitality with you.




Joe Ward, Joel Katz & Mark Jensen
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Transport yourself to a campfire under the stars...

Discovered by Joel on a trip to Spain, most of our food is cooked in the Mibrasa oven - a coal fired beast that harnesses the power of fire and flame to impart a delicate smokey flavour. Burning hotter than the sun - it seals the fish on the outside, crisping fish skin to perfection whilst keeping it moist, almost poached, on the inside. .

So special is our Mibrasa that it’s only usually found smouldering in Michelin star establishments. Part dragon, part oven - this animal takes will, might and hard earned skills to master. With a lifetime of oven taming experience Mark Jensen rules supreme - bringing you chargrilled and mouthwatering fish of otherworldly calibre.





why we choose Ōra King salmon - way more than just a good looking fish. 

When it comes to seafood sustainability NZ’s South Island based Ōra have it nailed. As a direct result of their traditional breeding program they’ve produced one seriously good looking Salmon...the Ōra King. Tasty enough to change the tide - he’s actual factual oceanic royalty.

Born and raised in the world's purest waters, it boasts a bright silver skin and has a much rounder belly than Atlantic salmon giving a more generous fillet. It’s oil content not only ensures a wonderful mouthfeel but keeps the fish from drying out during cooking. The result, perfect salmon that has a creamy, almost buttery texture.

Ōra King are fully committed to protecting the ecology of our oceans too. Their focus on sustainability and quality is what got our attention and together, we’re helping to ensure fish suppers of the future.

Swimming in line with these high standards - all of our fish is carefully procured by seafood supplier Jules Crocker of Joto fish. Supplying to Sydney’s finest eateries they’ve harmonised perfectly the balance between high quality, sustainably caught fish and casual prices.